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Placement of your ad does not cost you anything. We research the target audience that you specify, review the best stations and programs for your target audience, and negotiate rates to get you the most bang for the buck. We have a great relationship with radio and television stations, both locally and nationally, and we can place your commercials anywhere. Also, we can work with you to place any video on social networking sites such as MySpace, YouTube, and others. All of your commercials can be updated for future promotions, sales or any other changes. If you provide us with your approximate budget for ad placement, we can research and provide time and days that would be most beneficial and effective for your desired outcome. We are a licensed agency and look forward to placing your buys.

Caples Advertising Agency’s large client base and buying strength allows us to secure clients the lowest ad rates locally and nationally. Typically the rates we provide are 20%-30% lower than individual businesses can negotiate. We place TV, Radio and Print buys.

Caples Advertising Agency is the agency of record for Nellis Cable (Bluebird Communications), the exclusive TV provider for Nellis Air Force Base. With over 40,000 on and off base Military personnel, they feature an extremely competitive TV spot rate.

Caples Advertising Agency does not charge a retainer and will research an effective advertising campaign at no additional charge.

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